Universal Press Credentials issued by American International News Service are backed up and supported by the editorial staff at IFPO and American Image Press. Here's Carol Hill's own story.

Dear Ms. Blackburn, IFPO,

I love your organization! I have been on the front page of three local newspapers over the past well, since 1992, because of you. It all started because I needed to get access to photograph an event for an organization my husband and I were members of, and I couldn't get in because I didn't have press access. 19 years later, I never have a problem gaining access. With my press pass and dash card, I'm instantly escorted to wherever I need to go.

During the 1994 California earthquakes, no one was able to drive the Interstate 5 freeways, but my husband and I were escorted by police while I photographed for the local newspaper, all because of my press pass from IFPO! It was an incredible and unnerving event. We didn't want to drive under freeways overpasses for fear they would topple on us! And the I-5 freeway, totally empty, that was something to see! That is the major freeway from northern to southern California. Thanks again for giving photographers a venue for their talents.


Carol Hill, California
IFPO Member since 1992

Editor's Note: IFPO is only what it is because of members like Carol Hill who go out and prove that it can be done. From day one, IFPO members have totally guided the direction of the organization because you know what you need in the field -- what works and what does not. It's has been through the members' reports and suggestions that we have grown to the internationally recognized entity we are today. Thank you very much, Vonda Blackburn


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