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Model Consulting is a business opportunity sponsored by the International Freelance Photographers Organization (IFPO). The program gives photographers three effective ways to make money immediately and get immediate exposure for their newly discovered models:

  • Offers opportunity to start or expand a model portfolio business (photo or video).
  • Provides photographers with an easy way to attract models for their other photography interests and assignments.
  • Provides models immediate exposure on the IFPO New Discoveries Internet Site.
  • Photographers often need models in their regular work, and models always need photographers to produce their portfolios in order that they may promote themselves and pursue a career development program. IFPO serves more than 100,000 photographers and models in 131 countries around the world.


Hundreds of Consultants since 1984 have proven and refined the program. It works. Freelance photographers are natural "body hunters" in search of new images.

Through Model Consulting, photographers can earn money while starting or developing their business in model portfolios or even starting a modeling agency. IFPO supplies you with complete, step-by-step instructions to get started making money with or without a studio.

Hundreds of models have been recruited over the years by IFPO member photographers. Consultants may experience dramatic increases in their incomes as a result of the IFPO New Discoveries program; first, by photographing aspiring new models' portfolios, then by providing access to the IFPO New Discoveries internet site. Consultants who do not recruit models for IFPO are able to attract all the models they need for their other photography interests!


New "amateur" models discovered by consultants have starred in major video productions, auditioned for prime time TV shows, and participated in fashion, photography, and promotional assignments too numerous to name.

Many photographers have used Model Consulting as a springboard to launch successful careers in model portfolio and video production businesses. Many consultants use the program to make it easy to attract models for use in their other photography interests and never list their models on the IFPO New Discoveries internet site. You can use the program to further any of your business or hobby interests.


The benefits afforded models through the IFPO New Discoveries Program are unique. The dues are only $40 for the first year and $30 for each year thereafter. For that the model receives a complete New Discoveries Kit with an Identification Card and Parchment Certificate. The model also receives a current issue of How to Become a Successful Model.

Each model gets a free listing on the IFPO New Discoveries Internet site for freelance models. Models who wish to have their photos published on the internet site may do so for additional fees which cover the cost of scanning and set up. Detailed information for this service are in the Model Consultant's New Discoveries Manual. Models may also be selected on a rotating basis to be featured as an Official New Discoveries Model on the internet.


  • IFPO New Discoveries models annual dues are only $40.
  • IFPO Pays Directly To You:

$20.00 for each New Discoveries model recruited! Payment is instant. You collect the $40 dues for the first year and send only $20 on to IFPO with the internet listing form.

$30.00 for each model RENEWAL! Each time your model renews, you collect the $30 renewal fee and send only $10 to IFPO with renewal form!

$$$$$ PLUS! You make even more money when your "discovered" models want their photo published on the New Discoveries internet site. You collect the money ($20 for one photo; $50 for three) and KEEP 50% for yourself! (See the Operating Manual.)

New Discoveries Models Pay You Directly:

IFPO suggests that each new model provide 1-3 photographs for publication on the internet. Those photos should depict the model in the broadest possible range of poses and settings...portraits to full shots... location to studio...furs to figure. Remember New Discoveries are eager to have these photos taken and published!

Model Portfolios Pay Big Bucks

As an authorized IFPO New Discoveries Model Consultant, you are in a perfect situation to capture and build on this business opportunity. A Consultant can easily gain the confidence of the model with the official credentials to guide and direct the development of the model's portfolio.

Consultants have developed "packages" for new discoveries that have sold for between $75 and $400 per model. Consultants have reported income as high as $427 the first week.


Your New Discoveries Model Consultant Membership does NOT require you to recruit a single model EVER!

Many IFPO photographers join the Consultant Program simply to solve the age old problem of finding models for other aspects of their photography work without spending an arm and a leg with a modeling agency and without potential models being skeptical of the photographer's intentions.

The official, internationally recognized IFPO Credentials and the New Discoveries Model Consulting Program make it super- easy to approach and convince any potential model to work with you.


Consultants report that potential models are convinced instantly when you use the identification materials provided in your Model Consultant Enrollment Kit!. New model prospects recognize you as a professional and are eager to follow your guidance without question. "I've never found it so easy to attract models," is the most common response from new consultants.

Your enrollment as a consultant gives you everything you need to make money the very first week. It includes setting up your account at IFPO. It includes your New Discoveries Model Consultant I.D. Card and Letter of Certification and complete Operating Instructions. You will also get a supply of all the business forms needed to get you up and running. It includes easy to follow instructions for promoting your business as an IFPO New Discoveries Model consultant and attracting or recruiting models.






Full Model Consultant Membership

  • Wallet Photo ID Card
  • Model Consultant's Certificate
  • Internet Model Consultant's Verification
  • Consultant's Operating Instructions
  • Model Interview Form (F164), Model Portfolio Contract (F165), Model Portfolio Checklist (F163) and Model Release (F191).
  • New Discoveries Enrollment Forms, Renewal Forms, and Internet Listing Releases.


 shipping USA/Can/Mex (foreign shipping $19 USD)

 $ 10.00



How to Enroll in the Model Consulting Program:

Call 1-800-654-9557 with your Credit Card.


$.109.00..#905A...Model Consulting PROGRAM*
$. 10.00..#FIRST..USA/Can/Mex Shipping (Foreign Shipping $19 USD)
$ 119.00..TOTAL AMOUNT

If you are not an IFPO member and qualify for this program, please include your IFPO Lifetime Membership Fee (#770L) of $81.00 with this Enrollment.

$.81.00...#770L-W..IFPO Lifetime Membership

QUESTIONS? EMAIL Vonda Blackburn or call me at 1-800-654-9557.